Easy Money with Murray Feldman

Easy Money with Murray Feldman
September 1, 2018 Cheryl Jones

Easy Money with Murray Feldman is your guide to financial clarity. With expert advice and easy to understand guidance, Easy Money gives real people answers to real problems – no matter their age.

Episode 1: Retirement Advice

Retirement, investing, and saving can sometimes seem impossible. The costs of home ownership, having children, and dealing with debt may be holding you down from reaching your full financial potential. But, there is hope along the way.

Episode 2: Women and Finances

Women are making new strides every day in the workplace, but things like income inequality, raising a family, and even living longer can present challenges that most men don’t encounter. But women can overcome those roadblocks with the right advice. This episode of Easy Money features three female experts who provide tried-and-true advice for women looking to take control of their finances.

Episode 3: Millennials and Money

Millennials can get a bad rap. They’re often labeled as “entitled” or “lazy” — but they face financial struggles just like every other generation has. They’re also a generation of revolutionaries and entrepreneurs, making changes in the workforce and all over the world. Millennials face unique challenges when it comes to money. Join financial reporter Murray Feldman and three expert guests to learn more about the financial challenges millennials face — and how they can overcome them.

Episode 4: Fraud

Join Murray Feldman and his guests as they discuss a subject pertinent to all ages: fraud. Featuring Melanie Duquesnel, the President & CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan, and Kirk Cassidy, President of Senior Planning AdvisorsWith their insight, viewers will learn how to protect their investments and savings, and ultimately protect their future.


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