IPT National Investor Education Forum 2018

IPT National Investor Education Forum 2018
October 5, 2018 Cheryl Jones
Don Blandin, Murray Feldman at the IPT Forum 2018

Challenges and Opportunities for Investor Education in an Increasingly Complex World

The Investor Protection Trust (IPT) and Investor Protection Institute (IPI) held the 2018 IPT Forum to review how far U.S. organizations have come with regards to investor education and protection and look at what needs to be done in the future to ensure all Americans have the information they need to make wise and safe investment decisions.

The Forum was held September 13-15, 2018 in Oklahoma City, OK and was hosted by the Oklahoma Securities Commission, in cooperation with IPT and IPI in recognition of the 25th anniversary of IPT’s work to protect investors. 

The 2018 Forum brought together leaders and experts in in the areas of investor education and protection, partnerships, economic security, social sciences, motivation and communication to learn from each other and share from a variety of expertise and best practices.

Watch the interviews and keynote addresses from the event below.

Keynote Address — Knight Kiplinger

Keynote Address - Siavash Radpour

Keynote Address - Michelle Singletary

Keynote Address - Maddy Dychtwald

Keynote Address - Eric Liu

Keynote Address - Vicki Robin

Keynote Address - Ken Dychtwald


Interviews are listed in alphabetical order.

Interview with Don Blandin

Interview with Ken Dychtwald

Interview with Irving Fraught

Interview with Knight Kiplinger

Interview with Vicki Moseley

Interview with Michelle Singletary

Interview from Joe Borg

Interview with Maddy Dychtwald

Interview with Kerry Hannon

Interview with Eric Liu

Interview with Siavash Radpour


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