Fraud – Alabama Residents

The state of Alabama’s Securities Commission has specific information for their residents regarding fraud.

For more information for the residents of Alabama visit the Alabama Securities Commission website.

Affinity Fraud Awareness

For those nearing retirement, the friendships they’ve formed can be something to lean on later in life. But for a scamster, those connections can also provide the perfect way to hatch a scheme and make some money fast. Stephen Feaga from the Alabama Securities Commission recounts a recently closed case involving affinity fraud that all started with some simple pots and pans. Download video

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has been referred to as ‘the crime of the century’. Financial elder abuse alone costs seniors $2.9 billion in financial losses. For Amanda Senn, the pursuit of justice for victims of financial elder abuse is a top priority as is raising awareness of this awful crime. Download video


Fighting Senior Fraud

Scamsters–no matter how careful we are or how sophisticated we seem, many still fall vulnerable to their false promises. According to Director Joe Borg of the Alabama Securities Commission, seniors are an especially vulnerable group, but there are still ways they can protect themselves. Download video