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IPT National Investor Education Forum 2018

Don Blandin, Murray Feldman at the IPT Forum 2018In September 2018, Murray Feldman and crew went to Oklahoma City for the annual IPT Forum.  Experts from around the country to review how far U.S. organizations have come with regards to investor education and protection and look at what needs to be done in the future to ensure all Americans have the information they need to make wise and safe investment decisions.  View keynote addresses and interviews.

Two Ways to Tap Home Equity

Alicia Munnell, Director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, talks about two of the ways Americans can tap into another financial resource–their home equity. Download video

Three Steps to Finding a Fiduciary

President of the Institute for Fiduciary Standard, Knut Rostad, explains how consumers can determine whether or not their financial advisor is a true fiduciary. Download video

Four Steps to a Long and Healthy Life

Gerontologist and Age Wave CEO, Ken Dychtwald, outlines out four ways pre-retirees can pave the way to a more enjoyable retirement. Download video

Changing Tax Day to Saving Day

Behavioral economist, Dan Ariely, explains one way we could overcome our own procrastination when it comes to saving for retirement. Download video

How to Start Financial Planning

Don’t know where to start when it comes to saving for retirement? Laura Shin, financial journalist with Forbes, shares some easy first steps. Download video

Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union Founder/Executive Director, Sara Horowitz, talks about the circumstances that most freelancers face while planning for retirement as well as the basic goals of her organization. Download video

Improving the State of Retirement

The state of retirement may be uncertain, but to Debra Whitman (AARP), the outlook is still hopeful. Download video

Kerry Hannon’s Fitness Plan

PBS Next Avenue author, Kerry Hannon, shares 3 basic steps to help you get ‘fit’ for retirement. Download video